Month: November 2015

Hearty Spinach Salad

Ingredients: Fresh spinach, 1 link of Nitrate free Chicken & Bleu Cheese sausage (browned & sliced), quartered artichoke hearts & grape tomato halves, 1 clementine (a citrus fruit), olive oil, almond slivers For the dressing, squeeze fresh orange juice over the salad or any citrus, then drizzle 1 TBSP olive oil over it & a …

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Be Ridiculous!

  Yep! That is what I said,  BE RIDICULOUS! Have you been offended by someone,  your feelings hurt in some way or possibly a miscommunication between you? Instead of reacting today, take action today.  Be completely ridiculous with your actions. What will leave this person in awe, saying “That’s ridiculous!”?  Think doable though, this way you get it …

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Avocado Cup

3 simple ingredients for a yummy & satisfying snack💥: avocado, salsa (no sugar) & Trader Joes Banana Chips😋. After cutting the avocado in half, use a few chips to scoop & eat the avo., once you have made space in your avocado bowl, fill with a large helping of salsa🍅. Scoop a chip in for …

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