About Me

A little space for me to share my thoughts, recipes, and tips with other women. Ideas constantly flood my mind so you may see this space change as I look to morph it into something different.

If you follow me on IG you will notice my love of food. Some may say it’s because I grew up in the South but I believe people from all over have a love for food. It doesn’t really matter where you are from.  My Mississippi roots and Louisianna relatives provided me with a love of seafood. Papaw Boudreaux (known as Sonny to everybody else) would go shrimping or fishing almost every weekend. Once he retired he would also fish during the week. We would gather around their table with newspapers spread out, overlapping each other so the table was completely covered. I can remember sitting there with mounds of shrimp and crawfish they peeled for all of us kids.  We ate until our bellies were full, the remaining was saved for seafood gumbo the next day.  Mamaw had a few reach-in freezers she kept in the garage. I can hear her call out, “Carrie go out back (meaning the attached garage that was not out back) and grab yourself an ice cream sandwich!” One freezer was completely stocked with ice cream and popsicles so all of us grandkids could help ourselves whenever we needed a cold treat. As long as my Papaw was alive, we never saw the bottom of that cooler. The other one was always full of frozen shrimp and fish they would dole out for each family to take home. Never once did I think how fortunate we were to have all this seafood. Now that I’m older, far from any ocean and Papaw is no longer with us, I am more thankful than ever for having it so many years ago.  We were so spoiled.

My life now consists of being a wife and mother to our two teenage boys and tween daughter. My husband and I have been so blessed with healthy, God loving kids.  I am in full support of being transparent as possible as long as it’s harmless. We have our struggles like most people that I will share on occasion but will adhere to some privacy.

Leave me a message when you feel compelled. Maybe I’ll have a reader or two.

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