Be Ridiculous!


Yep! That is what I said,  BE RIDICULOUS! Have you been offended by someone,  your feelings hurt in some way or possibly a miscommunication between you? Instead of reacting today, take action today.  Be completely ridiculous with your actions. What will leave this person in awe, saying “That’s ridiculous!”?  Think doable though, this way you get it done today!

Here’s some food for thought…

**Buy a deliciously, fancy lunch and set it up at their desk with a white table cloth or cover their entire desk in white paper for a faux fancy look. Then leave a personal note of gratitude for one thing you appreciate about the person.

**Tape a huge Poster Board in their work area (or on their car) saying “You Are Loved!” or write something amazing about the person, whatever is appropriate. Remember to do this from a place of love.

**If you know they like a certain treat, pile it on their desk until it’s overflowing and falling to the ground.

**Give them something you have, that you know they would like to have, for example a project you know they wanted the lead on, or it could be a sweater, a pair of earrings or a gift card.  If you go the gift card route, make it a honking gift card! That ‘s the term our Pastor uses and it cracks me up every time I hear it.  As you know this can be done online.  Think about the person, do they like to cook? Williams Sonoma would be a good option. Do they enjoy Starbucks or the movies? There must be a sacrifice on your part. For some of us $5 may be a ridiculous sacrifice and for others $50, no one is judging. Do what YOU can do.

When you are performing an act of kindness throw practicality out the window. Excessiveness is o.k. when you are doing for others.  Plus, this is not any random act of kindness, you are being bold, to the point of  RIDICULOUSNESS.

Share your ridiculousness below. My hope is that you will experience freedom. Freedom from anger, frustration or from whatever is keeping you from forgiving.