Charge On

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Why, why, why does anyone need this anymore?

This outdated tool has sat on my bedside table because I have not been able to throw it away. Maybe it’s because of what it represents? You certainly have noticed that it is the older charger, right? If you have an iPhone 4 or older this is your charger. Do you notice that this one is still new, although it’s outdated?  Notice that it is still coiled up and there’s not any wear or tear on the components. No, I did not just buy it nor was it given to me. I came across it in my closet, as I was throwing out my old iPhone box, which felt heavier than what I thought an empty box should feel. Much to my surprise, this brand spanking new charger was in it!

Even though it seems like garbage since I’ve upgraded my phone, it made me think of the times I did need it. The times where I searched high and low for what I thought was my charger. I am sure I accused my husband and children of ripping mine off and leaving it somewhere. Hmm, never did I think that “Carrie” forgot it! And IN THE BOX, no less! So lame, right?!

There was a time not too long ago that caused this silly forgetfulness in my life. It was a “busy” time, when I chased my tail and I’m sure grumbled at others all the time, “where’s my charger? Did you take it?”,  “Did you leave it at your cousin’s house?” , ” Is My Charger in your room? Go check your room!”  This was not a happy time for my family and my kids even feared to answer me. They thought I would snap at them and would disengage from all conversation.

This charger reminds me that being too busy is toxic. It’s toxic for relationships with people you love and it keeps you from building potential relationships with others. Recognizing the important things under my nose was a real awakening for me.

I am thankful for this reminder and never want to be too busy for my family nor do I want to be accusatory. Which leads me to a different topic of taking responsibility for yourself.  That subject is definitely a post for another day.

CHARGE on readers & be the kindest version of yourself today. Your kids will love you for it and so will everyone in your circle.

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