Grace – the Amazing Gift


For those who know grace, means you have received grace. To know it also requires that you give it. It is a beautiful gift to be shared because of the boomerang effect it has.  This may sound self-serving but hopefully, most of us don’t give to get.  Grace has to be given from a healthy mindset which can be the challenging part.  Like practicing automatic forgiveness or hugging someone you want to sucker punch.

It did not come naturally for me until I received it. Given to me with love and kindness, it opened my heart to realize what a gift it really is.  Maybe some are born with it or grace is their given name. Possibly you are described as being graceful. Ballerinas floating through the air on their tippy-toes with their arms extended wide comes to mind. That was not me.

The only thing I had in common with grace is that four of the five letters are found in my first name. Is that even saying much? Running into posts, tripping over things,  and being a clutz describe me best.

Since I have come to know grace I trip up less and haven’t run into anything lately! I’m not sure if this is my subconscious mind telling me I am no longer that person. I am no longer the person that thinks of my own feelings. I think of how undeserving I was to be shown grace and how freeing it is to know it.

A few examples of grace:
-For someone to forgive you when you don’t apologize.
-For someone to assume the best of your intentions.
-When someone does not rub your face in the dirt when an “I told you so!” is in order.
-Shown unconditional love.
-When you do not judge a loved one even when they hurt your feelings.

Giving grace generously is not always easy. You will be challenged to react in ways you haven’t before, yet you will be rewarded in ways you haven’t experienced before.  It may just be the secret ingredient to living a peaceful life.


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