After all, only free people

“After all, only free people can truly free people. Yes…

  • Hurt people hurt people, but helped people help people. 
  • Broken people break people, but rebuilt people build people.
  • Shattered people shatter people, but whole people restore people.
  • Damaged people damage people, but loved people love people.
  • Wounded people wound people, but healed people bind up wounds.
  • Bound people bind people, but freed people lead others to freedom. “

This passage is from Christine Caine’s book Unashamed, Chapter 7, God Moves In so We can Move On.  That first line “After all, Only FREE people can truly FREE people” hit me like a ton of bricks! All of us will experience feeling broken or hurt, or any one of these mentioned above, in our lifetime. How are you overcoming? Avoiding the emotion or tucking it in a deep corner of your soul creates a toxin in you. It becomes like a venom that slowly creeps in other areas of your life, poisoning relationships, life goals, your aspirations. Unashamed gives a refreshing perspective and suggestions to live the abundant life God created for you. He wants us to live fully in his abundance and has anointed Christine Caine to share his message with us.  Unashamed

She blesses the lives of so many through her ministry and her writing. She believes when she allowed God to change her, it freed her to lead others to freedom. This is why she leads a global ministry today.

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