Are you a person of your word?

Being “trustworthy” comes to mind when you hear this question, right? Have you ever told someone you would do something and then not follow through? Me, me, me, a thousand times over, I was guilty of it. Last year, I set out to not make that mistake again. There were days when I’m sure I forgot to do something, and most likely let someone down. The effort is on-going and I make very consciuous decisions to not over commit myself.  I want my trust bank to be full, for my family and friends to count on me.

Are you reliable? It’s in that same “trust” category.  Are you the person who tells a friend, “let’s do lunch” then you never call?  Brenè suggests, experience those awkward moments of just saying, “It was nice to see you”, nothing else. Then move on, don’t commit to a lunch you never intend to schedule.

Take some time  to have your mind blown by Brenè and watch this video. You won’t regret it!

Brené  Brown: The Anatomy of Trust

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