Chicken Salad Taco

This is a great weekend lunch while on the go.
The recipe started out with leftover chicken salad:
2 cooked chicken breasts
2 TBSP of Paleo mayo (I use the recipe that’s on the nomnompaleo site)
1 avocado
1 handful of cilantro
1/4 onion (white)
1 tsp salt
1/2 jalape├▒o (seeded)
Place all ingredients in a food processor & blend to a desired consistency. If you have time to sit & eat a salad (ha! nobody’s got time for that this time of year!), ┬áplace on a bed of romaine with a drizzle of olive oil & juice from 1/2 of a lime. ┬áOr go with option #2!
Make tacos! In a small frying pan heat coconut oil on medium, place a white corn tortilla in the pan to heat for 1 min. lowering heat to a med.-low, then flip it, ┬áplace a heaping tablespoon of chicken salad in the center, with your spatula press one side of the tortilla in half to line up with the opposite side, press to seal it shut, continue to brown on each side for 2-3 minutes. Top with salsa if you like or grab fresh jalapenos & go. ­čśő
**For more nutrition & crunch add some fresh broccoli slaw to the inside of the taco after adding the chicken salad.

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